Candidacy Stage (3-Years)

After the initial two years of Aspirancy, the aspirants petition to be admitted to Candidacy, which is a three-year period of continued discernment and more intensive formation and classes.

There are basic requirements necessary for discernment of that call to candidacy.

  • He should have written approval and backing of his pastor (or priest supervisor);
  • complete an application and spiritual autobiography;
  • obtain letters of recommendation from at least three persons (leaders);
  • submit baptism, confirmation, and marriage certificates;
  • interview with acceptance committee from Deacon Board;
  • submit formal letter to Bishop asking for acceptance into the program.

Four Components of Deacon Formation

The whole of deacon formation is marked by four key dimensions:

  • human
  • spiritual
  • doctrinal
  • pastoral

In this way the men are assured of a well-rounded preparation for life and ministry as deacons.  As part of formation, from Aspirancy to ordination, the aspirants and candidates are provided valuable pastoral experience. This involves being assigned to priest pastoral supervisors, so that the men may emerge from formation with parish experience.  Both as aspirants and candidates, the men meet for an annual interview with a diocesan screening committee, which reports to the Bishop.

2019 Permanent Diaconate Formational Cohort

In preparation for the 2019 Permanent Diaconate Formational Cohort, there needs to be adequate time to allow for

  • an in-house Inquiry phase,
  • pre-application processes
  • pre-requisite of School of Servant Leadership
  • background check and Basic Adult Safe Envirorment (BASE) training

Inquiry Days for the Permanent Diaconate



Men who think they may be called by God to serve the Church as permanent deacons should consider the following traits and requirements for this vocation:

  • A Roman Catholic male, married or single, of sound moral character, mature faith, and possessing a sense of vocation to serve.
  • If married, is in a stable marriage for at least seven years, who has the expressed consent and support of his wife, and whose children are of such an age and adjustment as not be be unduly affected by their father's pursuit of a life that involves special apostolic commitments.
  • At least 35 years old by August of 2019 and not older than 60 years old by August 2019. (Bishop Powers is willing to consider men outside of these age parameters on an individual basis at his discretion.)
  • Demonstrates the basic potential to develop the ministerial skills of relating to people, speaking well, and being a spiritual leader.
  • A man with an established prayer life, willing to make personal sacrifices to be a consecrated sign of God's love for other in his vocation to serve.
  • At least a high school or GED diploma, and the capacity to do college level work.
  • A person who reflects prior stability in career or work.
  • A man living the Christian life who has demonstrated active service, apostolic involvement, and leadership among the People of God, all rooted in a proven life of prayer.
  • Free of any Canonical irregular impediments to ordination.

The Board meets to act upon one's request for acceptance. After completing the above process, a recommendation is made to the bishop by the Deacon Board. Once accepted, each candidate is expected to develop a job description according to the needs of his parish or institution in which he intends to serve. The supervisors in these areas should be consulted along with the permanent diaconate staff. Once a basis job description is agreed upon, the candidate and his advisors will design a suitable study program. However, there are basic requirements of understanding, appreciating and integrating the following: Sacred Scripture, Christology, The Church, Pastoral Sociology and Psychology.