Inquiry Stage

The Diocese of Superior is partnering with the Diocese of La Crosse for all men new to pre-ordination formation since August of 2013. The Diocese of La Crosse begins a new cohort of permanent diaconal formation every 2 years the next cohort will begin in August of 2015.


How to Begin

If you think you are interested in the permanent diaconate, here are a few things you must do:

  • pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for guidance;
  • discuss the idea thoroughly with your spouse;
  • examine carefully your own motives - Why do you want to become a deacon?
  • Seek the advice of your pastor or some other priest whose judgment you value;
  • ask yourself how you think you could be of service as a deacon;
  • call, email or write the Office of Permanent Diaconate asking for additional information and possibly an appointment with the director of the diaconate program.


Inquiry Days

Dates, time and location for the upcoming Inquiry Days (need only to attend one of the following):

New dates for Inquiry Sessions will be posted
as they are established or become available.

Agenda/Content for Inquiry Days:

  1. Welcome, Introductions, Opening Prayer (using the Liturgy of Hours)
  2. Brief History and Theology of the Diaconate in the larger context of Church
  3. 3-fold ministry of the Permanent Deacon - Service of the WOrd, Liturgy, and Charity
  4. What does it mean to be called, to discern, to be formed, and to be sent?
  5. The Permanent Diaconate as related to Marriage and Family Life
  6. Stages of Discernment - Inquiry, Aspirancy, Candidacy, Ordination
  7. Diocese of Superior Permanent Diaconate Application, Formation and Post-Ordination Processes
  8. Questions and Answers
  9. Pre-application materials, contact information, resources for further initial discernment