Permanent Deacons in the Diocese of Superior


As the Bishop places the Book of the Gospels
in the newly ordained deacon's hands he announces:

"Receive the Gospel of Christ,
whose herald you now have become.
Believe what you read, teach what you believe,
and practice what you teach."

(From the Rites for Ordination for a Deacon.)

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Director of Diaconal Life

The Director of Diaconal Life (DDL) represents the Bishop to the Diaconate community. He collaborates with the parishes and institutions of the diocese as well as the diocesan offices and agencies as needed in matters relating to the Permanent Diaconate.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Bishop in his supervision of the spiritual and personal welfare of individual deacons, active and retired, widows of deacons, and their families.
  • Arrange at least one annual spiritual retreat opportunity for all ordained deacons.
  • Provide annual Continuing Education programs for ordained deacons, including the Annual Deacon Convocation and one-day workshops.
  • Implement a post-ordination formation program for newly ordained deacons.
  • Provide orientation for new deacons to the Diocese, including newly ordained, newly assigned, and transfer deacons.
  • Collaborate with Administrative Services Coordinator of Catholic Formation to verify that all deacons with active ministries in the Diocese of Superior are in compliance with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.
  • Review service agreements with deacons and their pastoral supervisor on a rotating basis, giving highest priority to those deacons who are serving in parishes that have a change in pastoral leadership.
  • Maintain communication with the diaconate community and the broader diocesan community by maintaining the Permanent Diaconate page on the Diocese of Superior website and sharing other appropriate information via email, etc. and by acting as a liaison between the Bishop and the deacon community.
  • Maintain a current Diocese of Superior Deacon Directory.
  • Assure that Deacon Personnel Files are properly maintained