A man who is interested in learning more about the priesthood and about the possibility of entering the seminary should first contact a member of the Vocations Team. Their job is to help a man to discern what the Lord is asking of him at this point in his life and to answer any questions he may still have about the various vocations. In this period of time, the man may also ask about visiting one of the seminaries that the Diocese of Superior sends men to.

After a period of prayer and discernment aided by the Vocations Team, the man may reach out to the Vocations Director and let him know that he is interested in applying to seminary. The Vocations Director will likely meet with this man to talk face-to-face about what his discernment has looked like up to that point. If he sees that the man is ready to apply, he may extend an application to him. There is an application both to the diocese and to the seminary itself. As a part of the application process, the man will fill out forms and then undergo a medical examination, a psychological evaluation, and several interviews with priests and other personnel.

After the application and all its various parts have been completed by the applicant, the diocesan and seminary admissions boards will meet to go over and discuss the man's application. The results of the boards' decisions will be conveyed to the bishop, who will make the final decision, and the man will be notified as to whether his application has been accepted or not.

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