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The life of a seminarian can vary greatly from day to day, but there are some elements which can be a part of a typical week. Seminarians are enrolled in classes on a variety of topics, spanning fields such as philosophy, theology, languages, canon law, and pastoral counseling.

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Along with their intellectual formation, seminarians also are formed spiritually. Their daily prayer includes Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, a holy hour, and often includes devotions such as the rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. During liturgies, the seminarians act in various capacities, such as lectors, altar servers, and sacristans.

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Another very important pillar of the program for priestly formation is that of human growth. Men seek out good leisure, learn how to live and work in community, and strive to build and maintain a healthy mind and body. Activities such as volleyball, board games, and basketball (including Priest vs. Seminarian games and the annual inter-seminary Mundelein tournament) occur on a regular basis.

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Seminarians also have frequent opportunities to interact with various communities both inside and outside of a Church setting as ways to evangelize and serve others. From teaching parish assignments, to school visits, to summer immersions, these opportunities can be both life-giving and challenging, allowing men to develop a "priestly maturity."

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